Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting Ready for 2013 Part II

How to Spend a Half-Day Alone With God
  1. Pack a lunch. Bring your favorite beverage or water.
  2. Pack a back-pack, brief case, or tote bag with bible, hymn book, devotional book, pens, and notebook
  3. Find a quiet and secluded spot where you can be alone with no       distractions
  4. Divide the half-day into three (3) distinct parts 

  •  quietly wait on the Lord
  • pray words of adoration, appreciation, and admiration
  • read a couple to a few Psalms dealing with praise and worship of God
  • sing hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs of praise and worship to God 

  • read pre-planned sections or passages on spiritual growth 
  • meditate on a section of scripture that encourages spiritual growth, sanctification, or Christ-likeness
  • read Philippians in one sitting 

  • First Half Day – evaluate 2012
                   Record evaluation in notebook.
                   Record areas that need growth or spiritual development. 
  • Second half day – strategize goals for 2013                      

                   Record goals in notebook
                   Record steps to achieve goals
                   Record plan for monitoring both steps and goals 
  • Third half day – finalize and commit to God 

                   Finalize any areas that need attention
                   Evaluate for sensibility and reality – are they achievable?
                   Pray and commit these goals to God 
                   Pray for guidance and wisdom
                   Pray for godliness and growth
                   Pray for God’s character and nature to be manifested to you                                          through the Word


Yvonne's World of Poetry said...

This is an excellent post Gregg and one I will take advantage of following, Thanks for sharing it with us.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to break this down into two-hour walking segments. This is what works for me. great post!