Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Election Is Over

The election is over. I am deeply grieved that I live in a country and am a member of society who would give men like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama a second term. But hey, I now live in a state where we legalized marijuana and where the approval of homosexual marriages seems to be winning. But, yippee, Longview residents won’t have to pay an additional twenty dollars tax; oops I meant fee for their car tabs.
But God, one of the most beautiful phrase or is it clause (heck it’s 4:00 AM PST) in the bible, is still on the throne. Hallelujah! He is still sovereign and He is still in control. He was not taken by surprise nor was His eternal decree altered in any way shape or form.

Now it is time to continue to be obedient to scripture and pray for all governing or ruling men, particularly for kings (presidents) and all who are in high positions. Why? I am glad you asked. Allow me to give you at least seven reasons:

…that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life characterized by godliness and fear

…that we may freely share the gospel and evangelize every creature

…that governing or ruling men might be a terror to the wicked and a blessing to the good

…that governing or ruling men might exercise the power which has been given them by God with the utmost of wisdom

…that governing or ruling men might be drawn to Christ and experience the blessing of salvation

…that we, as believers, would be thankful for God’s wisdom and provision of government and governing or ruling men

…that we, as believers, might trust God implicitly as He sovereignly works out His will through governments and governing or ruling men

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Arlee Bird said...

I guess many of us still have some kind of American dream that has been instilled in us from childhood, but as Christians there is also the reality as outlined in the Bible. None of us should really be surprised by the way our nation and the world is going, but I suppose because we live in it we would like to see better.

Your suggest is good and the reasons are valid.

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