Thursday, November 8, 2012

It Is Not Time for Churches to Get Political

Todays’ post is in response to an article in Zionica News dated November 5, 2012 by J. Matt Barber. His headline read, ‘Time for Churches to Get Political.’

I say that it is not time for churches to get political. The enemy would love nothing more than for congregations to “get political.” As a matter of fact our enemy most likely is very pleased when congregations are led astray in to distractions that are none of their business.

The body of Christ is not called to politics. The body already has a head in place. The head has already delegated leadership, responsibilities, gifts, and a commission. The body of Christ has one responsibility carried out by three means. The body is charged with the glorification and magnification of the character and nature of the Lord Jesus Christ through the means of the exaltation of the Sovereign, the edification of the Saints, and the evangelism of the sinner.

Did J. Matt Barber learn nothing from the debacle called the Moral Majority? Righteousness cannot be legislated. The body is not called to reform the political arena. We, the body of Christ must be about our Father’s business. Mr. Barber might do well to examine Christ’s ministry very closely and carefully. For over three years Jesus resisted the pressure to become involved in the political arena of his time. He came to do His Father’s will and he stated emphatically that he did just that.

As individual Americans we have the right and responsibility to vote for public officials. We have the right of redress. We have the right and opportunity to enact legislation. I would never discourage an American citizen from executing his or her constitutionally given rights. It is not the body’s place to do these things. Individual Americans may be called to become political, but not the body of Christ.

Do you know why the body of Christ is so ineffective in this country of ours? Do you know why the body of Christ has so little impact on our society? The answer is quite simple.

The body of Christ has left her first love. She is no longer in love with her head, her lover, her savior, her Lord, her Groom. She is in love with philosophy. She is enamored with the gods and goddesses of this world. She has lost her conviction that the Word of God is sufficient for every aspect of life. She has dabbled in vain philosophies; she has embraced the leaks and the garlics of Egypt. She has become entangled in ideologies.

It is not time for the church to become political. It is time for the church to return to her first love. It is time for the church to return to her responsibility of being a witness to the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The body of Christ needs to preach the gospel to every creature and calling every creature to repentance.It is time to return to our Head.


Diane said...

"Do you know why the body of Christ has so little impact on our society? The answer is quite simple. The body of Christ has left her first love."

Amen Gregg! I've never been so upset about an election as I have with this one and I think all Christians should be very upset. God who is Sovereign judges nations by turning them over to evil leaders for all of the reasons you have spelled out. We have worshipped the creature and not the creator and have exchanged the truth for lies.

May God be merciful by returning churches to sound doctrine and fervent love for Him. I believe that is our only hope.

God bless you today brother.

Pat Donovan said...

I say amen and amen brother! at first I was completely disgusted with america when the election was over, wrong attitude. God our father is in controol of all thing s and in this election He has a purpose. I beleieve as achurch we need to see our first love, and as a church start calling this nation to repent and turn from our sin so purhaps God will have mercy on us.

Mike said...

Preach on! American Christians are too hungry for a political messiah. Hmm, that sounds oddly familiar. But when the true Messiah was in Israel's midst, they rejected him. Hmmm, that too sounds oddly familiar. The Church in America has indeed forgotten that God is the gospel, not Obama, Romney, Bush, etc. That is truly a sad commentary, my brother and friend. Thank you for the clear proclamation to those who may read it!!!

Patrina's Pencil said...

Gregg, loved this post too... linking it to my 'Post Election' link list too. thank you for your permission... for your words... your conviction...your heart for the lost...and the Gospel

patrina <")>><

Leslie Wolf said...

Great post Gregg. I agree with your diagnosis of why the body of Christ is so ineffective in this country. I also agree that the church should not be political, and though it can be difficult to maintain that conviction at times, I truly believe that if we put Christ and the kingdom first, and focus on being disciples and witnesses, then the Spirit will lead us to shape politics and culture as He sees fit. Finally, I think that there is a lot that we can do to advance the cause of life, for example, besides voting.