Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sin is Inevitable

Due to circumstances beyond the control of this blog owner, the studies in I John will be continued next week, Lord willing. In the meantime, I would be pleased to be permitted to share this thought with you which came to me in my morning devotion.

"For it is necessary that temptations come..." 
(Matthew 18:7b, ESV)

It is amazing that Jesus would make such a statement. He of course made this statement because He is a realist and understands human beings. However, I think as we reflect on this statement there are at least two truths that should come to mind.

Truth # 1

God forbid, that I am the one by whom temptation (s) come to other people. I know that the residual sin which remains in my unredeemed body constantly attempts to lure me into sin. However, it is even more devastating that the enemy, his forces, this world's philosophies, or the residual indwelling sin could cause another blood bought child of God to sin. God takes sin very seriously and I believe we should take the reality that we are often the reason God's children sin as seriously.

Truth # 2

We can be responsible for fellow believers falling into temptation or sin by failing to lead them further into righteousness. We need to be aware of opportunities to assist our fellow brothers in Christ in the standards of God's righteousness. It is our responsibility to utilize every opportunity to teach others how to grow in their faith. Failing to do so is equal to allowing them to fall into temptation which can lead to sin. God forbid that we fail to anything possible to keep fellow believer's from sin.

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Thought it an excellent post Gregg and thanks for the lovely comment you left me.