Saturday, September 8, 2012

Guard Your Piety!

Saturdays with Spurgeon #005

Recollect, as ministers, that your whole life, your whole pastoral life especially, will be affected by the vigour of your piety. If your zeal grows dull, you will not pray well in the pulpit; you will pray worse in the family, and worst in the study alone. When your soul becomes lean, your hearers, without knowing how or why, will find that your prayers in public have little savour for them; they will feel your barrenness, perhaps, before you perceive it yourself.

 Your discourses will next betray your declension. You may utter as well-chosen words, and as fitly-ordered sentences, as aforetime; but there will be other times, even as Samson did, but you will find that your great strength has departed. In your daily communion with your people, they will not be slow to mark the all-pervading decline of your graces. Sharp eyes will see the grey hairs here and there long before you do.

Pastor Charles H Spurgeon,
Lectures to my Students, p. 10


Richard Hobart said...

Keep yourselves in the love of God Scripture one else will do this for you.


Hi Gregg this bad penny us turned up again: Great to be back among friends.
This was good to read as always.