Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kneeling In Order to Stand!

Over the last forty (40) years I have written a number of quotes, comments, pithy sayings, and poems in the fly-leafs of my bibles. Each Tuesday I am going to share those various entries from my bibles with you. I hope they will be as much of blessing to you as they have been to me. Sometimes I will be able to give credit where credit is due and sometimes I won’t be able to credit the source. I apologize for this to each one who contributed these gems over the last forty (40) years.

Today’s Treasure: 

He stands best, who kneels most;
He stands strongest, who kneels weakest;
He stands longest, who kneels consistently



Great quotes Gregg,
Hope all is well with you.

Mike said...

Quite timely for me. Thank you, brother!