Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure # 1

Over the years I have written a number of quotes, comments, pithy sayings, and poems in the fly-leafs of my bibles. Each Tuesday I am going to share those various entries from my bibles with you. I hope they will be as much of blessing to you as they have been to me. Sometimes I will be able to give credit where credit is due and sometimes I won’t be able to credit the source. I apologize for this to each one who contributed these gems over the last forty years.

Today’s Treasure: 

Questions to ask myself at the conclusion of each time that I have gathered with and as the church:

1.  Did I pray along with the prayers that were prayed in order to “make them my own?”
2.  Did I sing along with the hymns thoughtfully and prayerfully, paying attention to the words?

3.  Did I listen actively, intently, and prayerfully as possible to the message?

4.  What was the main point, the proposition, the big idea, the subject of the passage that was preached today?

5.  Did I search my heart for direct and specific application from the message and the Word for me? (What attitude should I develop and what actions should I deploy?)

6.  What did I learn about God today?

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Arlee Bird said...

I often fall short on many of these.

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