Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Steps to the Study of Scripture Part VII


We come now to the sixth step in bible study. This step focuses on the application of the passage that we studied. It is here we are taking the scriptural principles and truths that we have drawn out of the next (not read into the text) and applying them to our lives.

You should have been thinking along the way how this passage applies to your own life. Ideas should have popped into your head about changes in your personal attitude or actions that you can adopt or activate. It is at this step that you now focus directly on the application.

Keep in mind that the Scripture is not your own personal Ouija board or “guide to the stars.” In order to arrive at accurate application, correct interpretation must have been done. There is no secret or personal “message” in Scripture for you. Your challenge is properly arriving at the original intention of the original author and reaching a proper application for your live today. This is the challenge of any bible study; bridging the gap between the original intent of the author in the ancient text and the application for today’s living.

6.1    List the life issues contained in your passage

·        Make a list of the possible life issues that are mentioned explicitly, implicitly, or logically.

·        There may be only one or quite possibly several issues

·        Include them all at first

·        Eliminate those which you judge to be less significant or relevant 

6.2    Clarify the possible nature and area of application

·        Arrange your list according to whether the passage or parts of the passage are by nature, informative or directive

·        Then list them according to whether they deal with the area of faith or action (I call this attitude or action)

6.3    Identify the specific changes that need to be made

·        Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate the areas of attitude or action that need to take place in your life. What do you need to “stop” doing, or what do you need to “start doing?”

·        Ask the Holy Spirit to extricate truths from our passage that have direct bearing on the areas He has illuminated

·        Ask the Holy Spirit to motivate you to apply those truths to the various areas of your life that has been illuminated

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