Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't Worry, Be Trusting!

Don't worry, be Trusting!
Gregg Metcalf
August 27, 2012

(based on Matthew 6:34 and yesterday's message)

Don't worry, be happy
was once a little ditty
sung by everyone;
it was meant to be
positive philosophy
and a little fun.

Fraught with problems galore
it became a shameful bore
not helping one whit;
at the end of the chorus
hidden in the forest,
problems that wouldn't quit!

Merely singing such a tune
from morning until noon
ended naught concern;
one needs something more
to end this worry war,
will we ever learn?

Do not be anxious friend
about tomorrow's end
tomorrow will worry;
about itself you know
to the Lord you must go
don't delay, but hurry!