Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Morning Facts

Fact:  Friday afternoon God blessed us with a Pronto M51 Sure Step Electric Wheelchair! I have been praying for one for months so that I can "ride" with Irene when she walks, take Fi Fi for a "walk" myself, and more importantly, to be able to ride around the neighborhoods meeting people in order to share the gospel and invite them to our bible study. New, this thing started at $4100.00. It is about 5 years old and one owner and seems to be in great shape other than needing a battery (which we are now praying for) and  we only gave $125.00 for it! I can't wait to get "wheeling" around the hood sharing the gospel! For the record, I can walk, but not much more than about 50 feet and then I must sit down and recover. As a result I can't walk that far or often. But watch out, with this baby I will be mobile!

Fact:  My wife is too good to me. Friday she surprised me with "feet" for my wheel-chair. Now my feet don't just hang down and dangle when I need to be pushed in it.

Fact:  I am totally enjoying reading the biography of Dr. Charles Hodge written by his son A. A. Hodge. Although I have read and own Hodge's Systematic Theology and His commentaries on Romans, I and II Corinthians and Ephesians, I did not know that he had been confined to a chair in his study due to a hip/thigh disorder. He wrote from his chair, conducted Seminary Staff meetings from his chair, and even taught his classes from his chair. I say I am enjoying it I am,  however it is the hardest book I have ever read up to this point. Without demeaning the love, respect, and admiration of A. A. Hodge for his father and his father's legacy, A. A. is the most tedious and boring writer I have ever read. I love learning about this great man whose commentaries and Systematic Theology I love and use but really A. A., could you have made it any harder to read, all 650 pages?

Fact:  After reading the section on Hodge's confinement and "handi-cap" and how he still ministered successfully it has prompted me to write about it in an upcoming blog entitled, "When Did We Return To Saul?" Watch for it I think sometime next week. It needs polished, the sarcasm is still showing through some of the paint and powder.

Fact:  Irene and I thoroughly enjoyed Matt Damon's movie "The Adjustment Bureau" Friday night. The movie was filled with theological undertones of "free will," "predestination", "guardian angels" and "God." Whether they planned it or not, intended it or not, or was "preaching or not" it was a fairly accurate portrayal of what the worldly or untrained mind might think about the teachings on free will and predestination. There is an implied sexual encounter and at least one foul word that I remember, so it might not be appropriate for the young-en's but I really liked the movie and think it is worth seeing.

Fact:  As I am typing this post I am listening to a CD of Porter Wagoner. I miss his wonderfully tuned and golden voice.  Of course who can forget his Nudie Suits? I know he is known for his songs Skid-Row Joe and Carroll County Accident, but I still get chills when I hear him sing, When You Call My Name. He charted 81 singles with a career that ran from 1954-1983. My favorites were Green Grass of Home, I've Enjoyed As Much of this as I Can Stand, Sorrow on the Rocks, and The Cold Hard Facts of Life. Of course there are a couple of good reasons to love his "discovery" in the early 60's - Dolly Parton. Come on, I was talking about her singing and writing skills.The Porter Wagoner show ran for 21 years! He was a tremendous talent, no wonder they called him Mr. Grand Ole Opry.

Fact:  Today is my younger sister's birthday! Leeann Elizabeth Metcalf Schaffer of Augusta, Kansas turns 37 today. She is 2 months older than her niece (my oldest daughter) Shannon and she is 8 months older than Irene's youngest brother David. Yes, my wife, mother, and mother-in-law all turned up pregnant at the same time! Happy Birthday LeeAnn! I love you.

Fact:  I agree with Ian Murray, (The Old Evangelicalism, p. 19) "...when conversion is considered as taking place at the time of decision of the individual there is no such mystery (he is referring to decisional regeneration). Obviously no one makes 'a decision' without knowing it. The idea that a Christian must know the time of his rebirth is based on this view of regeneration. Christian experience is against that understanding. (Murray quotes Richard Sibbes) 'No man can see the conversion of another; nay no man can discern his own conversion at first.' Murray says, The later statement is probably too strong but on the teaching, 'All that are new born know the time of their new birth,' Murray quotes Giles Firmin, 'What divine, that did deserve the name of a Gospel-minister, did ever deliver such a doctrine?' Murray quotes Richard Baxter, 'I aver (to allege or assert) from my heart, that I neither know the day,nor the year when I began to be sincere.' 

Fact:  I also aver  from my heart, that I neither know the day, nor the year when I began to be sincere, but by the grace of God I have come to see that regeneration in my life has created the habit of faith, a love for God, His Word, and His people, a longing for His continued mercy, and a hatred of sin and evil, and I am forgetting that which is past, pleading and believing the work of Christ's atoning work, and persevering toward the mark and prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ which is my hope, the hope of glory!

Fact:  I need a bolt on the frame trailer hitch for a 2002 Buick Century Custom in order to purchase a carrier for my Pronto Electric Wheelchair. Anyone out there have one you no longer need or are using? If within reasonable driving distance I will come pick it up or if affordable pay ground shipping. Will you pray with me?
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Persis said...

Praise God for the provision of the electric wheelchair!

I'm enjoying your "fact" post very much.

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

FACT - I'm thrilled for your wheelchair and newfound mobility.

FACT - Praying you'll find the battery and trailer hitch easily.

FACT - Porter Wagoner is one of my favorites too.

FACT - I wondered about The Adjustement Bureau and am happy to have your review of it.

FACT - I'm so glad you've linked up with me for Monday Facts.

Happy Monday! ☺

Penned Pebbles said...

Glad to know that you have wheels! I pray that God will provide the rest. I enjoyed your facts list much. Blessings!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I am so pleased you will be able to get about with your chair.
It's good to get out and about to look at Gods Wonderful World.

Did you know I have sung on stage on The Grand Ole Oprey?
Whilst In Nashville did a tour around the theatre, we all had to stand on stage and sing "You Are My Sunshine"

Enjoy your day Gregg.


Pat Donovan said...

Praise God for the chair and your wife, and I will pray for the hitch.

Have a good day brother.

Darlene said...

Praise God for the wonderful blessings of your wife, and your awesome new chair. Enjoyed your facts, and I hope you get your hitch, soon.

Kansas Bob said...

Congrats on the chair Gregg! It looks a lot like Ann's first electric wheel chair. We had battery issues with it as well. Might want to check with places like the MS Society or the ALS foundation for leads on free or cheap batteries.

Trisha said...

What a fun post, Gregg. It's great to read about the details of your life, how God is providing and what you're enjoying and watching and reading. I've been wondering about the Adjustment Bureau. Thanks for your take on it.

Corey P. said...

Cool post, Gregg! And thanks for sharing your thoughts on The Adjustment Bureau. My parents and I will have to check it out. :)

Josh Litton said...


So good to hear about that scooter. Looks fun and a boon to your ministry.