Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Church Under Attack

A church (read: people not buildings) in Indonesia has had to grow use to moving locations on a moments notice. They are not moving from building to building, but from pasture to pasture to field. A group of approximately 50 believers on the Island of Java have had to move their gathering of the body some six times.

The members have been hit with boards, stabbed locked out of their actual meeting place, ordered to leave by armed policeman and saw their meeting place burned to the ground. The report is that they have all, all 50 or so members, have remained faithful and moved each time the gathering had to be rescheduled or relocated for safety sake.

The most recent attacks on this congregation came on July 10th and August 8th, 2010 while the members were clearing weeds from a piece of land they were going to use as a worship site. It was reported that a Muslim group was responsible for the attacks. Two of the church pastor's were reported beaten by the mob. A banner was carried by those in the mob that read, "The Muslim community rejects the building of a church in Mustika Jaya."

What would you do? How loyal and attached are you to your local body of believers which gathers weekly? Would you move to six different locations in various pastures and fields in order to gather for worship? Would you endure beatings by police and mobs?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

As much as I enjoy going to church and meet up with fellow worshipers, I can still pray to God and ask his guidance within the space of my own four walls.
Wherever you are God will listen.

Loved the post quite an interesting topic.
Enjoy your week-end.

Persis said...

To be honest, I don't know how I would do. But I pray for grace to be able to endure persecution for the sake of meeting with the church.

*The Old Geezer said...

Only by the Grace of God.

Stephen Phillip Porter said...

I don't follow a church. Though I love the congregation that God has given me the privilege of worshiping with the past year or so, and I would do anything for them, ultimately I follow Christ and so do these people you've mentioned. The question isn't whether we would endure for the sake of our local body of believers, but would we endure for the sake of Christ?

To that I say, yes! With all my heart, soul, and strength, even my dying breath the day He requires it, I say yes!

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Penned Pebbles said...

I don't know, to be honest. I would hope so, but like Peter, it would be so easy to say that I would in times of peace and comfort, only to fail before the rooster even crows. I would pray for the strength and perseverance!

BTW, is the email address in your right column valid? I have emailed you before, as well as just recently. Just wondering since I've not heard back. Blessings!

Michael Wright said...

A great reminder to remember our persecuted siblings in Christ across the seas. Thanks for sharing Bro. Gregg.

Pat Donovan said...

My prayor would be to serve the Lord no matter what, Lord willing.

How are you doing this on the road?

Keena said...

I have not been to church regularly in about 2 years due to health reasons. I am wanting to get back into church. I dont know how committed I would be to other believers, but I pray that I would endure anything for the name of Christ.