Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Metcalf Musings 2

Well, we arrived at my parents home around 5:00 PM on Friday evening. But first, I would like to describe the trip down from Cedarville to Modesto. Irene and I love the high desert! As we drove down both highway 299 and 395 we just were moved by the desert and missed it so much. The terrain is so beautiful - sage brush, and scrub grass painting the rolling hills and mountains. The desert smell is so incredible it can't be described. It is so fresh and clean and scented. The quite is indescribable.

We stopped at a little "rest stop" on 395 and it was amazing. The "facilities" were just a hole in the ground with a couple of picnic tables setting outside. There was a rock formation that had water flowing from it for both drinking or radiators. While we were sitting there we were moved. The air was so clean and desert, the quiet unbelievable and the beauty indescribable. Had we been able we would have lived right there. (Of course far enough away from the little "shack.") Did I say we loved the high desert?

Now, we pick up at my parents house. It was so good to see my mom and dad. Dad is going to 80 December 1st and mom will be 78 December 11. We only get to see my folks about once a year now and even a little less. The visit was so fun. First my mom who can be, should I say "picky" let us bring Fi Fi into the house so she wouldn't slow roast in the CA heat. It was 100 degrees -not what we are use to. They had fans going which made it bearable for me. My mom had cold fresh water-melon, cantaloupe, and pineapple for snacks. Dinner was stuffed chicken, it was so good. We talked until 11:00 PM and we went to sleep.

They got up and took us to Perko's for breakfast. The biscuit's and gravy was outstanding. The visit was priceless and I sure love my mom and dad. We left Modesto at 8:00 AM and headed north to El Dorodo Hills and Irene's sister Lucy's house.

She has a beautiful house in the El Dorodo Hills. They have a pool and and all the kids were like fish. Irene has 7 brothers and sisters, 5 were able to make it. Elvia flew down from Sitka, AK, Irene (Gregg) drove down from Longview, WA, Rudy (Kathy) drove up from Monterey, CA, Manuel (Rosemarie) came up from Santa Maria, CA, Lucy (Don) was already there, and David came up from San Jose, CA. Brothers Robert from Los Banos, CA, and Patrick from San Jose, CA couldn't make it. Of course the guest of honor, Lupe was there.

Don and Lucy were wonderful hosts. The house was filled with 21 or 22 adults and kids running all over the place. They put on a good spread! We had sausage and cheese, Breschetta, and fruit  for snacks. Then the BBQ was heavenly. We had burgers, cod, and salmon.

Fi Fi enjoyed playing with Lucy's lab, Chica. She even went swimming in the pool and loved running around with the kids in the backyard. We had a great day there on Saturday. The party was great, the cake was divine and I love having the opportunity to honor such a great lady on her 80th birthday. I love Lupe. She has been the greatest mother in law for the last 38 years. Each time we visit I thank her for taking the time to have Irene!

I left our return time to Irene. I told her when she was ready to just say the word. We woke Sunday morning around 5:30 AM. I took Fi Fi outside for her morning constitution and sat in the early morning heat. It was gorgeous. I prayed and spent some time in fellowship with God. Irene came out later and said she was ready to go home. So we both showered and dressed and packed waiting for everyone to get up.

They all got up and we had breakfast, scrambled eggs, fruit, sausage, and potato salad. We said our goodbyes and hit the road for home around 9:00 AM. We took 99 N so we could hit small towns and have decent scenery. We connected with I-5 in Red Bluff and drove to Redding, CA where we stopped and, yes, had the famous Inn and Out Burger.  The Burgers are good and all wrappings contain Scripture.

We left Redding and headed north up I-5. The drive was easy, fun, and uneventful. The closer we got the more we thought we would just drive home. We did. WE drove straight through and arrived at home around 11:00 PM. We stopped at Subway a couple blocks from the house and got a foot-long and went home. It was so good to be home.

Today, Monday, has been an unusual day for me. I did get dizzy and have a bit of "heat-stroke" on Sunday afternoon in that intense heat. We drove 11 straight hours and it took a toll on me. I slept until noon on Monday. I then decided to "take the day off" and not go to the office. I sat down on the couch and Irene made me lunch. I watched a couple of Pawnstars and fell asleep until 6:30 PM. I have never slept the day away before. I hope to get back on schedule tomorrow including my blog. As soon as we can we get our film developed and on computer and share some pics with you.

Cedarville but it just wasn't the same place. It was a little sad. Herlong has gone to the dogs with the recession. Reno was fabulous, Irene and I have talked about relocating in Reno before. It has grown up crazy. Irene and I both lamented the fact that we don't live close to our folks. Her dad died in 1984 and now her mother turned 80 and my folks are right there too. I want to be there to care for them when they need it. I am thankful that God provided the funds for us to be able to make the trip.


JD Curtis said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I thank God you made it back safely.

Persis said...

Glad the Lord blessed your trip, Gregg.

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Hope you're feeling better today after your fabulous family trip. Fi-Fi looks like a queen perched on that chair. ☺ Happy Tuesday!

Penned Pebbles said...

Praising God with you for your safe travel.

Michael Wright said...

Glad you had a good time, Bro. Gregg.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I am really enjoying your travels and the pictures are great.
Excuse the lateness in commenting but have had problems in that department.

Have a good day.

jel said...

really glad that you both got to make the trip, and had a good time!

take care!

Arlee Bird said...

Wow! What a whirlwind of a trip! It's nice that you got to see all that family. I know how much traveling can exhaust the traveler though. After all the driving you need the rest.

Tossing It Out

Trisha said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip, especially your visit with your Mom and Dad. :) So glad you're feeling better, too. Those long days of driving can be hard on us.