Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet Pastor Ted Duncan

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In the mean time please enjoy this informative and inspirational piece.

Pastor Duncan was the pastor of Liberty Baptist Church (formerly United Baptist Church) of San Jose, CA. It was under his preaching that the desire to preach and prepare for the ministry was re-kindled in my heart. 

Ted is a great teacher! He is very knowledgeable and also very funny. I can still hear him in my mind's ear cracking a joke and chuckling in that way that only he could and yet getting a very deep point across in a lesson. He set me up with a man who discipled me and worked with me. 

Periodically I would like to introduce you to men who have made a major impact on my life. I love them deeply and desire to honor them if I can. This is a short bio, but hope you are blessed.

Ted Duncan joined the pastoral staff of Calvary Bible Church of Bakersfield, CA in the fall of 1990. He was chosen to be the Senior Pastor when Pastor Jack Peacock retired in 1992. He came to Calvary Bible from San Jose where he had pastored for nearly eighteen years. (Liberty Baptist Church of San Jose, CA)

Both Pastor Ted and his wife Marge were born and raised in southwest Colorado, where they came to Christ as teenagers and dedicated their lives to His service. They were married while still in Bible College and began their family while finishing their education. God has blessed Ted and Marge with five adult children who are married and raising families of their own.

Ted graduated from Biola University in 1966 and from Talbot Theological Seminary in 1970. He was ordained that same year and has been in full time ministry ever since. He served as youth pastor for a short time in the Los Angeles area and then pastored a small country church in Colorado before going to San Jose in 1973. Pastor Ted has recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of writing, having completed three apocalyptic novels. 

Not much to read about a man is it? Well, one thing that will be said about Pastor Duncan is he is faithful. He has run a good race for quite some time and by God's grace he will complete his race, having run well. I love him and respect him a great deal. He has made an impact on my life. My desire to finish my race well, and in the same faithful manner as Pastor Ted Duncan.

Enjoy this sermon from Pastor Duncan dated 12/12/20 entitled "The U of Christmans" I


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Lovely to meet Pastor Ted Duncan through you Gregg. I enjoyed reading all about him and his family.

Have a peaceful Sunday.

Seams Inspired said...

Thanks for sharing Pastor Ted with us, Gregg. Happy Sunday! :o)

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for sharing Gregg. I enjoyed reading about Ted. I often think that faithfulness is the real evidence of faith.