Monday, March 14, 2011


One aging pastor, one ageless wife, two cats, and one dog! 
(Will not break up the set)
Not perfected as of yet, just a sinner saved by grace.

Have been roughly used for over ten years,  well broken in
yet still lots of life and miles available to be spent in
the service of our Lord for the body of Christ.

Not well known and with no notoriety, however adapts
very easily, and requires very little maintenance.
Looking for long term service opportunity.

Can't remember who I have baptized, well there was John and Judy P.,
Sheryl T.,and that guy that came with the duct taped tennis shoes,
and a countless others, but I have not been in jail and have not caused
any riots, and have not been run out of any towns or cities.

Willing to relocate, size of congregation is not important. 
Limited in abilities - only know how to preach and teach
exegetical and expositionally, never learned to ride
hobby horses or promote denominational  sacred cows. 

Will love all the sheep and will gladly lay down my 
life for the Chief Shepherd or the flock.
Has own bible, a few books, and a coat.


JD Curtis said...

Yes, you should be shepherding a flock IMO.

May God in His Providence provide for this.

Trisha said...

I like this resume! :) May God grant you a flock to shepherd soon. I'm praying for you!

Persis said...

You're in my prayers, brother Gregg. May the Lord encourage your heart today with His Word and His presence.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

God Bless you Gregg, a most endearing post.


Brian Ray Todd said...

A previous Pastor of ours, who took a four year missionary assignment in Slovakia, returned to find that it would take six months to find a church to call him, because of the down economy none of the established Pastors in that denomination were moving, retiring or leaving.

I wonder also, if the concentrated ettorts to secularize America into an individualistic, narcissistic culture has taken its toll on Christian churches today. Like Pastor Gregg, our church's Pastor preaches the gospel and life application of the holy scriptures, which brings joyfilled meaningful and God glorifying community in worship, yet where are the Christians to hear these wonderful shepherd's of the flock? John 8:31-32 is clear, but how will they hear the Word (the Lord Christ's teachings and commands)to know the truth which will set them free from sin's bondage? I pray that the Lord opens a door, that Pastor Gregg finds a loving congreagation that embraces and supports him as their own Pastor, as his ciber-church at "Gospel-driven Disciples" has.

Trevor Peck said...

Ah, brother,

You made me both smile and pray! And that's a mark of a good under-shepherd. Only one question...Are there any "good" churches out there? Me thinks they're all broken and flawed just like you and me!

Love you brother!

Michelle said...

Praying towards God's will for you!

(I think you should have added a name drop about Dr. Mac! ;) )

Scott said...

Praying, brother. Loved the post.

Diane said...

May God grant you the desires of your heart brother.


Brother Gregg

That was one of the best resumes I've ever read. Maybe I'll start The 1st Church of The Old Geezer and you can be our pastor. You can do all the preaching and teaching and I'll do all the dirty work. Manual Labor is my middle name :-)

Seriously, I pray for you often about your job situation and I hope that a door opens soon.


Penned Pebbles said...

If I were a church, I'd take you in, the whole set! This is the best resume. It made me smile and glad to know you! Will keep you I my prayers!

Sharon Kirby said...

If I had a church, I would hire you on the spot!

Praying that God will open up His door for you - and that He will lead you to the flock He wants you to shepherd.

Soon would be good, too, huh?!

You forgot to add - one great sense of humor and a heart of gold.