Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have You Thought of Grace?

Have You Thought of Grace?
by Gregg Metcalf

As the day began and you made your way,
did you stop and think how you'd convey
all the thankfulness that's in your breast
what words to Him, will you confess?

Have you thought of His matchless grace?
Fresh supplies are always there on hand;
and did you look to His smiling face
in order to receive His grace so grand?

In the midst of your great and busy time
to what supply did you sneak a look?
Did you think on Him to dine?
 did you feast on His dear book?

I wonder about you my dear friend
as you travel along your weary road
is their cause to worry about the end
 is there care of how to carry this  load?

When your path is crooked and oh so bent
and you feel you might be out of place
 what balm heals a soul so heavily spent?
I wonder, have you thought of grace?


Spherical said...

THanks, Gregg!

Kittykatt said...

Thanks Gregg for this wonderful pomen of grace... I found it to be a challenge, a comfort and a reminder of God's grace, it has been added to my journel for sure!

Trisha said...

Honestly, Gregg, as a wretched sinner saved by grace, who battles her flesh daily...YES! I think of grace continuously throughout the day. Great poem and a wonderful reminder!

Cathy M. said...

Thanks for this lovely reminder of our riches in Christ so graciously bestowed.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Thank you Gregg for this wonderful poem. most enjoyable to read.


Arlee Bird said...

Nice poem. This could have been your "G" entry for the Challenge, but it's appropriate for any day.

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Persis said...

Well said, Gregg! Oh how I need to be reminded!

Anonymous said...

i am so thankful for His grace. it brought me to the cross, and continues to bring me to the cross daily. thanks for posting this. am reposting on facebook. didn't have time to read it yesterday.

Sharon Kirby said...

I loved this, Gregg - I didn't know, but love knowing, that you're a poet!

This was a blessing - I've thought of a thousand other things today, but did I think of grace? I have now...

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful words so beautifully said Gregg. Thank you.