Sunday, March 20, 2011


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In the mean time please enjoy this editorial piece.

McDonalds Corporation is the largest chain of fast food hamburger restaurants in the world. They claim to serve over 58 million customers each and every day. McDonalds began in 1940 when two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald opened a hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California. The brothers introduced their "Speedee-Service-System" in 1948 settng the stage and establishing the principles inherent to the modern fast food industry.

April 15th, 1955 Ray Kroc opened the ninth McDonald's franchise in Des Plaines, IL forever changing the hamburger industry. Kroc not only bought out the McDonald brothers equity but forced them out of the fast food industry. With his aggressive business practices and vision Kroc turned the McDonald's organization into a billion dollar +, international corporation of gargantuan proportions.

McDonald's influence and impact has transcended the fast food industry introducing new words into the English language and even the dictionary. We now find the prefix "Mc" attached to many words, i. e. McFries, McChicken, McSandwich, and countless others. In 2003 over strenuous objections the word McJob was added to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary.

McDonalds is one of the most prevalent fast food advertisers. McDonald's has always focused on a positive and upbeat advertising strategy. They have only had one "negative" campaign when in 2009 as they introduced McCafe they took a shot at a "competitor" by advertising on billboards that "Four bucks is dumb." McDonald's advertising campaign has always focused on the "McDonald's Experience" rather than just a product.

The evangelical church is rapidly morphing into McChurch franchises as we find ourselves coming closer to the return of our Lord. The emphasis in many evangelical churches today is not so much on a product but rather on the experience. We have a generation of McPastors who have chosen to "kick off the traces" and establish franchise-like McChurches along the same tired mantras and models.

Last year, YouTube featured a video called Sunday's Coming which was an accurate parody of what these McChurch services have turned into, ( The frachisesque McChurches are as fluffy as McBiscuits at McDonalds. Doctrine has been dropped, teaching and preaching all but replaced with frothy McCafe-like McSongs.

Just like McDonalds and their emphasis on the "experience", today's churches focuses on "the experience," rather than on solid doctrine. Mood lighting, candles, scents, comfortable furniture, emotionally affirming music, and positive sermonettes are the anchors that create the "Sunday morning experience."

Mcpastors like Rob Bell, Doug Pagitt, Brian McClaren, Tony Compalo, and many more are challenging mainstream doctrines like hell, salvation, the church itself. Today's flavor is Rob Bell and his attack on the bible doctrine of hell. Yesterday it was Doug Pagitt. Who will it be tomorrows Ronald McDonald?

We need a revival among our churches. We need to return to the God of the Bible and the great doctrines of the church. We need to stand for truth rather than fall for McExperiences. We need to return to the Old Paths. We need to quit worrying so much about the seats that aren't filled and how we are going to please a fallen nature in order to fill them, and worry about those seats that are filled with those who truly are hungry for a word from God.

So, excuse me while I grab seven choruses and sing them eleven times for forty-five minutes, while I watch a play, and listen to an upbeat positive and affirming sermonette from a guy who no longer holds a bible, wears, work clothes with holes in them and tennis shoes with no laces. Oh, and by the way, I will take McFries with that!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

A grest write Gregg and I must say I loved the picture to accompany your post.


John said...

Amen! Perhaps the reason so many churches have turned into "McChurch" is because so many people follow the Burger King mantra..."Have It Your Way".

Instead of putting forth so much energy focusing on what the un-churched, seeker wants, how about giving God what HE wants?

Preach the word. In season & out of season. We're not hear to be loved by the world, tickle ears or draw big crowds. We were called to share the Gospel and make Disciples.

If American Church has become McChurch, maybe it's time for a wake up cal ala "Supersize Me". Actually, I think that has already started; People are growing tired and sick of the cotton-candy gospel 'experience'. They want real food.

Good post Gregg! Thanks Brother!



California has a McChurch on almost every corner. We most defiantly need revival among our churches. Evangelizing the lost in our churches is ripe for the harvest.

Penned Pebbles said...

I have to echo John.

JD Curtis said...

You are so right my friend.

Anonymous said...

i choose truth! good post Gregg.

Anonymous said...

i choose truth! good post Gregg.