Friday, March 18, 2011

Callahan Community Church

A Page From My Past!

Here is a picture I though I would never come across! This is the Callahan Community Church building in Callahan, California. Callahan is approximately 100 miles north of Redding, California. When I was attending Shasta Bible College, I was asked to be an interim pastor at this church while they searched for a permanent pastor. Irene and I would get up early on Sunday mornings, feed and dress four girls ranging in ages 14 to 6, load the car, and drive some 2 1/2 hours in order to conduct services.

The people were absolutely wonderful! We had a grand time there for about 9 months. They asked us a number of times if we would consider the church but there were issues that I felt needed to be addressed and changed before I would accept. We worked on those areas and they changed them all but one. It was time for me to move on and they found a man whom they called.

When we were there in 1988-1989 the building was already over 100 years old and on the historic register. That meant among many things that you could do no construction to update the building. So, yes, those are what you think behind the building. No, it is not a tool or storage shed. My kids use to love to get a turn at ringing the church bell and watching the bats fly out of the belfry.

Apparently, from the photo album this is from,this picture was taken December 7th, 2007. Let me assure you this building looks identical in 2007 to what it looked like in 1989. The yellow flatbed was not there in 1989 but the building is identical.

(picture from the Hubert Cicero Photostream Collection)

What do you see in this photo?

Happy 30th Birthday to my third daughter, Sharon A. Metcalf of Albuquerque, NM! Love you SAM3!


Seams Inspired said...

What a fun trip down Memory Lane, Gregg. :o) How many people were in the congregation?

Happy Birthday to SAM3! :o)

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Mainly I saw a church, hills, trees
......but no people, perhaps they were all inside of the church,


Anonymous said...

No cross? No sign?