Monday, December 21, 2009

Report on Madilynn's Birthday

I am interrupting our normal post which would be things that relate to Theological News and issues to bring you a report of Madilynn’s birthday party last night. It went splendidly!

Irene and I drove the 50 + miles from Longview to Vancouver, WA to be part of the festivities. Shannon (my oldest and mother of said birthday girl) had lots of help with decorating her condo and preparing food and goodies. My wife’s sister and youngest daughter was down from Sitka Alaska, Madilynn’s four cousins from Portland were there along with Madilynn’s two of three aunts. Of course her grandparents were there. Madilynn’s best friend was there also to help her celebrate. We also had Shannon’s mother and father in law along with their three adopted children and friends.

You may not know this but I married thirty six years ago in to a Mexican-American family. Needless to say their birthdays are a little different than what mine were while I was growing up. We had home-made; did I say home-made? We had home-made Tacos, Enchiladas, Tamales, Re-fried beans, Spanish rice and much more! The music was festive and it was a fun evening.

We did have one little interruption when Shannon reached overhead for a knife to cut veggies and somehow as the knife slipped due to her reach, cut her deeply and her husband rushed her out for five stitches and a tetanus shot. She will be fine.

Madilynn “scored” in the gift department. Somehow first grandchild and daughter makes out! The “gift” however was a beautiful bass guitar. Madilynn is very musical, seems she is a chip off of good ole granddad (plays drums). We are all looking forward to her new adventure of learning to play the bass guitar along with the trumpet and clarinet which she does well with.

I didn’t get to stay for the cake. I needed to head back to Longview, sans wife who is staying in Portland with our daughter Sonja in order to spend time with her sister and nieces, to let the dog out for her “evening constitution.” Long drive in the dark blinding rain but I made it home safe and sound. Settled down to a glass of Merlot and to watch an episode of My Name is Earl.

All and all, stitches, rain, long drive, it was a fantastic time of being with family and friends to celebrate the birthday of my oldest grandchild. What a gift; in eternity past, before creation, God determined it would please Him to ordain her life and direct events toward her birth on December 20, 1995. Thank you Father for your amazing gifts!

This is one of my favorite picturs of Madilynn. She is on my boat "Shadowfax"
on Mayfield Lake  about 5 or 6. Isn't she a living doll? I thought so too!

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