Thursday, December 17, 2009

Metcalf’s Musings

Today I have decided to ramble. I thought I would share some news and events that are fresh on my mind. I am in a bit of a funk or a fog today. I am not trying to think too hard.

I have decided to take a shot at reviewing books for Thomas Nelson. I think it will be a stretch for me since I am not impressed with most of the titles or authors that are offered. However, I think it can be a good ministry opportunity to suggest what may be valuable or helpful. Of course much of what is published is strictly commercial with little or no spiritual value at all.

I have always said that the second best job in the entire world would be to get paid for reading. In this case Thomas Nelson offers the book for free. I will do my best to be honest, charitable, and scriptural in each review. So, stay tuned! My first book to review has been shipped. I am anxiously waiting for it to arrive in order to dig in.

We had a great time preaching and ministering to the believers in Bremerton this past four (4) weeks. However, there were some differences that they felt were deal breakers. As a result we will not be going to Bremerton – I am grateful to God that He worked His will out perfectly. We are still praying about planting a work or waiting to see if God opens another opportunity.

Our oldest granddaughter turns 14 Sunday. I can’t imagine that. How did she do that? I remember, believe it or not, when my parents became grandparents. Now my oldest daughter is 35 and our grandaughter is 14 and the youngest grandson turns 9 in January. Did I blink or something?

I am currently re-reading John Calvin’s The Institute of Christian Religion. How I love to read Calvin! Yet my heart is grieved over the condition of the church at large. Who will be the next Calvin, or Spurgeon, or Knox? Where are we headed? Thank God He is in charge and providentially is working out His will perfectly and right on time.

No, there is nothing new on the job market. I have applied from Portland to Bellingham. I know that God has heard our prayers, knows our need, and has an answer already. After four months I am ready for that answer. Thank you for praying and I ask you to continue to pray for us.

Thanks Jeff Nading for coming by last night and diagnosing an electrical problem in the house. Your friendship means a lot to us and we thank God that He brought you to the Longview area last year.

Well, so much for the first Metcalf’s Musing. Until next time, may God bless you and thank you for your friendship and readership.


Eddie Eddings said...

I happen to like your ramblings a lot! More of your personality shines through. Tell your daughter "Happy Birthday" on Sunday for me. I will be back in the states at that time for a short while to visit family. I will pray for you on your continued efforts for employment. It is very difficult to land a job in Kuwait. Lots of hurdles and hoops. Not many openings for Americans...especially "Christian" least, not yet. God bless you and your family this Christmas season!

Gregg said...

Thanks Eddie - leave it to you to be an encouragement to me when I need it most. Maybe I will ramble once a week or every couple of weeks. Yep, our oldest grandaughter is 14! Yikes. We continue to pray for Tammy, her family and for you and your work situation. Glad you get to come home. hope to hook up some time, Lord willing.

Eddie Eddings said...

I meant to say grandaughter...a mistake made because of my addled brain. Really though, your "musings" should be a regular feature. (I also like the multiple photos trailing down)

John said...

I like the musings, too.

I'm waiting for my forth book from Thomas Nelson's blogger program. There's about one good book a month. I've really enjoyed the history books.

I hope you find something suitable and that you enjoy.

May the Lord continue to bless your family.

John said...

"I hope you find something suitable and that you enjoy."

In the way of employment, that is.