Thursday, December 3, 2009

Book Review: Faith Undone

I was given a copy of the book Faith Undone by the pulpit committee of the Central Valley Christian Fellowship, where I am currently a candidate for the position of pastor. I was asked to read this book and state my position on the “Emerging Church.” I have read this book twice and feel compelled to review it.

Roger Oakland asks a compelling question: “the emerging church…a new reformation or an end-time deception.” As he describes the men, message, methods, and mantra of the so called “emerging church” it is easy to see that his answer is “an end time deception.”

Oakland’s purpose in his book is to show that “the theological underpinnings” of the emerging church is seriously flawed, void of biblical theology, and derived from mysticism. His purpose is to reveal to those who are involved in the movement, those who are deceived by the movement, and those who are toying with the idea of implementing or incorporating the basic teachings of the movement the destructive, dangerous, deceptive, and damaging effects of the emerging church.

The discussion is centered on both the lack of Scriptural guidelines and the grossly misinterpreted and misapplied Scripture used by those involved in the emerging church movement. Oakland demonstrates in each chapter that the emerging church’s foundational structure is in reality a mixture of mysticism, Catholicism, and eastern religion.

Oakland quotes founding guru, Brian McLaren in his first chapter entitled “A New Kind of Church?” when McLaren states: “You see, if we have a new world, we will need a new church. We won’t need a new religion per se, but a new framework for our theology. Not a new Spirit, but a new Spirituality. Not a new Christ, but a new Christian. Not a new denomination, but a new kind of church in every denomination.”

The author reminds us that just prior to Christ returning men will be given over to the influence and effects of seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. He argues throughout the rest of the book that a new form of Christianity will attempt to replace biblical faith by stating that men can find their own way to God.

Faith Undone contains thirteen chapters in two hundred and twenty nine pages. Included is a massive endnotes section and subject index. Some of the chapters are: The Birth of the Emerging Church, A new Faith for the 21st Century, Ancient-Future Worship, When East Meets West, Monks, Mystics, and the Ancient World, The Undoing of Faith, A New Reformation, Or an End-Time Deception.

This book is an easy read and well written. Even though I would agree with almost all that the Oakland writes he has a tendency to bog down at times with unneeded repetition. It is clear, straightforward, and will be a great help to those who want a better understanding of the phenomenon sweeping across all denominational lines called the Emerging Church.

On a personal note, it is my prayer that this book will be used of God to expose the demonic and destructive deception of this movement and lead those who are captivated by those who have distorted the one, true Christian faith out of these so called "churches" and back into places where the bible is truly taught and practiced.

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Eddie Eddings said...

Thanks for the review! When I get back to the states I will try to look for it.