Monday, August 28, 2017

Why Are You A Christian?

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It is not praying a prayer, nor is asking Jesus into your heart, it is coming to understand that you are at the very core of your being a wretched sinner who has violated God's righteousness, it is realizing that Christ has been revealed to your soul by the Holy Spirit that as the only means of forgiveness and salvation for the removal of God's condemnation and judgment against you, turning from your sin and unbelief to God in faith. Salvation is counting the very cost of becoming a Christian, it is not to escape hell or to be able to go to heaven, it is a tremendous life altering decision that results in your absolute death to your self through the cross of Christ which you are picking up, your absolute denial of yourself, and your faithful and obedient following of Jesus Christ. If you are considering salvation, forget asking Jesus into your heart, turn from all that you are and turn to Christ the only blessed and glorious hope of your salvation. Nothing else is salvation. (Gregg Metcalf)

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