Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Thy Mark On Me

Thy Mark On Me
Gregg Metalf
August 16, 2017

In spirit poor I came to Christ,
I claimed His cross as mine;
 now my death I gladly owned,
as I bask in love so divine.

My sin His blood did wash away,
clean now am I forever more;
behind Him He did throw my sin,
a crown of shame for me He bore.

Pierced His hands did the nails,
fastening Him to Calvary's tree;
spikes thrust deep into the wood,
held Him in place, died He for me.

My guilt, my shame, my penalty,
laid full on Him, for in my stead;
satisfied the Father's abundant wrath,
 took He my place among the dead.

No price did you deign demand,
but abounding grace given free;
you took me for your very own
and have placed Thy mark on me.

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