Monday, August 14, 2017

It Is Not OK to remain not OK

Timothy Keller tweeted this today:

"Grace means that it is OK that we are not OK."

First, let me say I do not know what the allurement is or why so many people seem to be enamoured with this guy. I have read some of his writings and not sure he has both oars in the water. 

Second, I agree with Phil Johnson of Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA when he responded with, "That flatly contradictsTitus 2:1-14.

Third, The following paragraph is my response to this tweet:

The Apostle Paul argued against that thinking, when he asked the rhetorical question should we continue in sin because grace abounds. I will not judge his motive, but the statement clearly alleviates responsibility for the mortification of sin, growth in grace and Christ-likeness. It lends credibility to remaining and excusing our brokenness.

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KC Bob said...

I guess it depends on what "OK" means. Would need more info from Keller to understand what he was trying to say.