Sunday, March 5, 2017

Where Is The Sunday Sermon?

For the time being I am not preaching every Sunday as I had been for the past three (3) years. As a result I am not under the "proverbial gun" to get the Sunday Sermon done.

I am working on the next passage in Jonah and will post it when I am finished. I have found that without the pressure of a weekly sermon I have slowed down my study and research. I have also allowed myself to get side-tracked with other projects.

I will get back on track. And I will, Lord willing, complete my study in Jonah. I will post the messages weekly. Please forgive this unplanned and undisciplined hiatus. 

I am in prayer and patiently waiting for our gracious Father to reveal to me or direct me to my next "assignment." Since we are in the Lord's Army, and engaged in spiritual warfare as soldiers, I am asking God to reveal my next "duty station" and to "cut" me a set of orders so that I can get to work once again. In the meantime I am reading books, doing research, working on projects, and as you have seen goofing off with Roz.

Please pray with me that God will quickly if He pleases reveal to me a new assignment! Thanks!


nashvillecats2 said...

My prayers go with you Gregg.

ps: Enjoy your time with Roz.

Paul G said...

Hi Gregg, every time a brother says that he is asking God to reveal him something, I always ask the same question, 'Which God are you asking' ?
'And what is His Name' ?

Because there are so many gods out there, it is very difficult for me to know which god they are talking about.