Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Saga of the Walt Disney Company

Image result for disney boycottI don't get Christians sometimes. For example, Paul told the Corinthians to not "fellowship" with or eat with people who were immoral. Unfortunately they got it wrong and had fellowship with an incestuous fornicator but seemingly avoided the lost who were fornicators (but in need of Christ.) Paul had to correct that and tell them that he meant do not fellowship with or eat with those who say they are Christians and practice immorality. He said he did not mean that they were to boycott the unbelievers - as a matter of fact he said they would have to leave the world itself in order to avoid unbelievers who practice immorality.

Here is the part I don't get, why call for the boycott of the Disney Company? I wonder if Disney even is aware of the current boycott by the left who believe that Disney is a racist company? Then you have those who are boycotting Disney because they hire foreign people.

First, don't get me wrong, I have no desire to go to a movie that depicts homosexuality, but the Disney Company is not a Christian company. And I don't think anyone else has to either if they choose not to. Therefore it is no surprise to me if they include immorality in their venues. (I didn't say I liked it or approve it.)

Second, they (Disney) are no different than Safeway, Winco, Ford Motor Company, Sears, etc. who also are not Christian companies who promote immoral behavior. Again, you would have to leave this world in order to avoid individuals or companies that promote some form of immorality.

Third, I think truly spiritual and discerning believers can avoid movies by choice without calling for a national boycott of the offending company. Listen, we can vote with our seats and our dollars.

If we do not attend because of biblical discernment a place of business and we are not investing our cash, these businesses will feel the pinch. I just don't get the calls for national boycotts.

Here is an idea; let's share the gospel with as many people in the organization that we can. Let's emulate Christ. Let's point out the sin and need for Christ.


Paul G said...

Hi Gregg, I fully agree with you, perhaps they do that because they are ignorant, Christians and none-Christians alike.

If a cat lives in a house of believers, that does not make the cat a believer:-)

nashvillecats2 said...

A good write Gregg I say "Amen to your observations.