Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Night of the Lost Hour

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Here it is again - this time of year,
the one Saturday night we fear.
No one minds an hour in the spring,
but to lose an hour is a different thing.

It seems such a silly thing to do,
I think it is crazy, how about you?
Wouldn't it be nice to be like Arizona?
The one in charge must be in a coma!

Tonight you will find me at my task,
and my disgust I will try to mask;
it won't be easy, I'll tell you why,
far too many clocks we did buy!

Living room, kitchen, they each have one,
the bath and bedrooms need to be done;
I'll turn the hands and reset the time
with an hour less to rise and shine!

Listen close and I will share a secret
I will tell you if you can keep it
I have done this now for many a year
please don't scoff at me or even jeer.

To ease the pain and get in tune,
I start to turn the clocks at noon,
so by the time I am ready for bed,
the change is already in my head!

So what ever your plan, don't forget,
or you might wake in a cold sweat;
but also remember to keep from harm
 change the batteries in your smoke alarm.

1 comment:

nashvillecats2 said...

Love the poem Gregg, Our clock don't change yet so have that to look forward to.