Friday, March 10, 2017

How Not To Worship

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My devotion this morning centered on worshiping God. Worship is such a vital part of our spiritual life and spiritual health. As usual I asked the text several questions in order to effectively wrestle with the main idea of the text. This question kept coming to mind and so as I asked it, I began to jot down some thoughts. These thoughts are not clearly thought out but I am hoping they are helpful to you as you develop your worship of our wonderful God.

How Not to Worship

  • by not showing up to worship God. Whether it is Sunday morning or Monday morning, our worship should be on-going and consistent. We don't relegate worship to Sunday morning. However, each day, at some point we need to "show up" and actively worship God.
  • by singing without:
    • thinking on what is being sung
    • not meaning what you are singing
    • attempting to derive personal benefit
    • thinking on other things
    • enjoying singing for the wrong reasons
  • not focusing our mind and heart on God and His character
  • not responding appropriately to what you are learning about God
  • by "diagramming" or "calculating a worship experience. Worship is not for our benefit. It is for God's glory.
So, we must show up and worship with determination. Regardless of whether we are singing in our "closet" or corporate gathering, or praying, or etc., worship must come from the heart and be for the glory of God.

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nashvillecats2 said...

Thought provoking post Gregg Great to read.