Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Move

Today marks the very first time
that I have had to clear my mind
since we moved to our new home
Packing a mountain of boxes
created a need for a shot of loxes
and in that need I wasn't alone

The day of the move we secured the truck
looked to the heavens for help and good luck
hoping no mishaps would come our way
Mountain Men Ministries supplied the men
who would load up our stuff once again
and take it to where we now planned to stay

The loading went so unbelievably well
they were done so lickity-split I do tell
Seventeen feet of space was packed tight
The drive to Vancouver was quite nice
we downed a number of sodas with ice
all our goods arrived and were alright

The guys unloaded the truck like the wind
there's no doubt they were a true godsend
we could not have done it all by ourselves
When the truck was empty it was time to eat
we were so happy to provide this little treat
they worked harder than all of Santa's elves

Finding a place for all of our personal stuff
turned out to a job that was more than tough
but find a place for most of it we have done
Unpacking and putting away from dusk to dawn
leaves no room to relax and sit out on the lawn
we kept at it even though it was really no fun

The boxes are empty and were taken to recycle
we are truly grateful for a man named Michael
who completed some much need projects for us
he painted and hung shelves and pulled up tacks
poor guy worked so hard he about broke his back
but he did with a smile and nary did he cuss

The house is in order, things are in their place
we have been blessed with quite a bit of space
We like our new home and are settling in
although we have fond memories of Longview
we are still getting use to the things that are new
It is good to be back in Vancouver again

Let me tell you something between me and you
the secrets that I hold inside are but a very few
and I don't think this one secret is a great surprise
I don't ever want to move again, I'm just too old
the next move I hope is upward to the heavenly fold
to pack up and move again, I'd rather poke out my eyes

But lest anyone should ever get the wrong idea
I'll move in a minute if God says get it in gear
He is sovereign and in total control of my life
I would never drag my feet, I'll get in the groove
but it's only for God that I will ever again move
and I do think  I speak for both me and my wife


nashvillecats2 said...

Having not long moved myself I know the hassle moving brings,
Loved the post Gregg, great to read.


KC Bob said...

Best wishes in your new place Gregg. I know that your church will miss you.