Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Heroes or Hypocrits?

Sometimes I think we as Christians don't believe God or His written revelation. Two thoughts absorbed me this morning as I prepared for the message a week from this coming Sunday. 

1) Since we pick and choose which sins that we think are most horrendous, we are often trapped in hypocrisy; i.e. we risk our business, reputation, livelihood, and such in order to refuse to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, but we will sell shirts, or houses, or cars, or hamburgers, or gasoline, or mechanical services to homosexuals without protest and...

 2) we find ourselves fighting against God when we attempt to battle the behavior of homosexuals. Paul informed the Roman believers in no uncertain terms that when men review the God provided evidence of His existence, and reject the evidence and in doing so, Him, God removes restraints within those human beings so that they can do whatever they wish. God permits men and women to go ahead and do what they please, whatever their hearts demand or desire because instead of believing God or what they knew to be true about God they deliberately chose to believe lies.

 So the result is God ordained and sanctioned uncleansable purposes, unthinkable practices, and unnatural passions. Why are we fighting against God when we are to be ambassadors and witnesses with power preaching the gospel?

(Yes, Part 3 of Jesus and Forgiveness is coming)

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nashvillecats2 said...

Many thought provoking issues there Gregg. Will have a think about this during the early hours when sleep evades me,