Friday, March 6, 2015

Twelve Principles Taught by the Sermon on the Mount

  • The law consists of God's righteousness standards, not man's (Rabbinical) interpretation of those standards

  • Christ never came to minimalize or render God's standards inoperative/ineffective, but to fully fulfill

  • Children of God are to be obedient to the spiritual intent of God's standards in both attitude and actions

  • The law deals with and expects conformity to the spirit of the law and not merely the letter of the law

  • No man can establish a righteousness acceptable to God since no man can fulfill the standards of the law

  • A man who wants to be justified and obtain the necessary righteousness must obtain Christ's righteousness

  • Christ did not alter the standards of God, He only corrected & clarified the false teaching about the law

  • The hyperbole used by Christ in his sermons was symbolic to emphasize the seriousness of sin

  • The genuine children of God are to maintain and reflect the moral character of God the Father

  • Christ established an impossible standard for mankind to meet that could not be altered nor rescinded

  • Christ Jesus met the entire standard of God on behalf of the elect

  • The law must be utilized to show mankind that they cannot achieve an acceptable righteousness on their own

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