Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Choice Quotes From Day One of the Shepherds Conference

These are from my friend Terry Delaney, Pastor of Union Baptist Church in Mexico, Missouri. He posts:
John MacArthur - "You can't be an expositor of Scripture if you have a weak view of the Bible."
Alistair Begg - "How can you take seriously the Word of God when everything leading up to the preaching of the Word is more entertainment than worship?"
RC Sproul - "The church doesn't want to have a view of the Bible higher than Jesus nor does it want to have a view lower than Jesus."
Stephen Nichols - "Will we submit to the Master through His revealed Word to us?"
Ligon Duncan - "A pastor's job is not finished until the Bible is obeyed and not just believed." "You live by the book so you can minister by the book."
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