Friday, August 29, 2014

What Is Necessary for a Good Introduction to a Biblical Book?

In order to accurately and effectively teach a book of the bible, great care must be given to the introduction of the book being taught. Much information is gained by the preacher by such in-depth study. Also, a thorough introduction is the only way to gain first hand the intent and purpose of the author of the book under consideration.

Naturally some or much information may not be necessary for the congregation. The preacher must determine what is beneficial and necessary for his people in order for them to understand the intent, purpose, structure, and application of the book they are hearing taught from the pulpit.

Over the years I have come to use the following outline in order to prepare a thorough introduction of the book that I am teaching at the time:

  1. Authenticity - establish the canonicity of the book
  2. Apparatus - which MSS family and text is your translation from
  3. Arrangement - genre/each genre is interpreted differently
  4. Author - who is the writer?
  5. Audience - who was the book written to?
  6. Age - when was the book written?
  7. Argument - what is the intent or the main purpose?
  8. Aim - what the objectives the author wanted to accomplish?
  9. Analysis - what is the outline of the book that will be used?

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Most interesting to read Gregg. Enjoyed the post.