Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gentleman - Questions For Your Ministry

Many times I come across ideas that cause me to stop for a moment and do some real thinking. Many times I take these ideas and change them for at least five (5) reasons:

  • to help them fall more in line with Scripture
  • to fit my specific situation
  • to make more sense to me
  • to further develop a good or semi-good idea
  • to take them a bit further than they have gone
If you have been around me for even a short time you have come to know that I operate by a few specific axioms. One axiom that governs my thinking is this, "I have never had an original idea, but I know who to take a good idea and make it better."

I don't know where I got the following questions. I don't remember if I got them all at one time, or if I came across them from various sources. Unfortunately I can't give credit where credit is due. If you see your question here then forgive me for not foot-noting you.

Here are seven questions I ask myself all the time. Maybe they can be helpful to you in your field of ministry. I would love to see your answers to these questions. They will help me further my labor in the field of Kelso/Lexington.
  1. What is the spiritual age of my congregation?
  2. How do I plan for the maturity of my people
  3. How do I preach with a view to discipleship?
  4. How do I really get to know my people?
  5. How will they be brought to love the gospel  
  6. How will the come to love biblical preaching?
  7. How will they come to love God more than a  "form of godliness?"                  


Scott said...

Great questions regardless of where they come from! I confess that it would do me good to be a little more "intentional" in looking at things like this. While I try my best to be faithful to the text, I may not always be as mindful of the relevance to our particular setting as I could be. Thanks for the reminders.

Gregg Metcalf said...

Scott - First of all, you are welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting. Second, many of us do our best to be faithful to the text, but I am not sure that is enough (yes the Scripture is sufficient and God is faithful) but I think we all need to be mindful of preaching with intent. Not a personal intent of course, but towards specific goals that actually result in the edification of the saints. I think much preaching/teaching supplies correct information but falls short many times in accomplishing a specific biblical goal.

EnglishRose said...

Great questions to base your thinking. Pleasure to read Gregg.

EnglishRose said...

Great questions to base your thinking. Pleasure to read Gregg.