Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Danger, Danger Will Robinson!

"So, considering everything, The Shack is a warm, enjoyable book that is only Christian fiction and we Christians shouldn’t take those areas where it directly contradicts God’s word to be a serious issue.  Why?  Because it is only fiction.  It isn’t real.  It's okay.  Lighten up.  Just enjoy the book and stop being so picky about stuff and stop comparing it to Scripture so much." (Matt Slick, The Shack is only Fiction, C.A.R.M.)

Are you kidding me? No, this is so serious that it cannot be a laughing matter. I don't know you Matthew Slick and for good or bad I don't know anything about C. A.R. M. But if you are serious, and I am still waiting for you to shout out, "April Fools,"but if you are serious then you are very, very, very dangerous man.

There are times I feel as if I am a lone, almost imperceivable voice in a vast wilderness. I feel like I am attempting to empty the Pacific Ocean with a spork (or if you want to be more technical, a foon.)

The Shack is not a warm, enjoyable book that is intended to be "only" Christian fiction. First of all, what in the world is "Christian Fiction?" I can't even conceive of what can be considered fiction for Christians. (No I did not say nor am I am implying that there is no such thing as fiction or that Christians can't enjoy fiction.)

Second, how can anyone who treasures the Bible as a special revelation from Almighty God seriously say to anyone that we should not be concerned when the Bible is contradicted by blasphemous lies?

Third, it can only be a brilliant lie from Satan himself to consider contradictions to God's Word as harmless fiction. And by the way, no sir! I will not lighten up. 

Satan has taken a brilliant means to continue to confuse, confound, and counterfeit his lies. The majority who read this trash will not know that it is merely "warm enjoyment." They may be confirmed in its intended deception. This is no different, at least to me, than saying, "Oh, here is a warm and enjoyable drink meant to comfort or entertain you. This drink is filled with vitamins, minerals, flavorings, and such. But oh by the way, the poison and the harmful other ingredients are not important they are just counterfeits and contradictions of real ingredients. So don't worry about,just sit back and drink up!"

How can I in all honesty lighten up and enjoy it without being "picky" about truth or what the book portrays. I will not stop comparing any teaching, fiction or non-fiction by checking it against Scripture.

Scripture is all I have. It is my authority. It authenticates truth and it invalidates all non-truth. If something violates either the glorious, majestic, holy, righteous, and magnificent character of my God I will not lighten up, I will stand up, and I will call it what it is.

I have a limited audience and very little influence. Regardless, of the fact that I am but a mere, almost invisible ripple in a huge body of water, I emphatically and most vehemently warn you that The Shack is not harmless fiction.


WiseRosy said...

A good honest review Gregg, most reviews always praises the book , but honesty is the best policy in this case I say.

Ian H said...

Well put, Gregg

Scott said...

I have no idea who Matt Slick is. But taking a quick look at the article to which you reference and another article by Slick on this same book, I think he was hoping to be taken as sarcasm and not literally. I might be wrong but he did say: "Note: This article is meant to be sarcastic in order to get the point accross."

So at least it appears he does cry out "April Fools".

Maybe the moral is: "tell it straight up and be wary of using sarcasm lest one ismisunderstood."

Arlee Bird said...

I was uncomfortable throughout my entire read of The Shack. I had heard so many great things about the book and then my sisters and mother began raving about how good of a book it was and that I should read it. I did and I was appalled.

Not far into the book I began to recognize so many un-biblical principles. It was a squirmy experience for me as I could see how a fuzzy warm book like this could lead so many non-believers and uneducated wannabe believers astray. It is a dangerous book--a propaganda tool for Satan.

I wrote about it on my own blog a few years back. I think you commented on that post.

Good for you for continuing to remind people about the misleading lies The Shack is spreading to millions.

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