Friday, June 1, 2012

Thoughts On Choosing a New Doctor - Cheers!

After reading today’s paper I decided to look for a new doctor. No, there is really nothing wrong with my current doctor. I simply found out today that he is just not “hip.” Not only that, he isn’t always positive and at times he is just “old school.” There are times he actually has the nerve to say to me that there is something wrong with me or a part of me, especially parts of me that are inside and I can’t see. On top of that sometimes negativity, he wants to prescribe medicines that number one, I don’t have any choice in and number two, often taste bitter or sour.

See, what got me thinking about choosing a doctor was our local newspaper. Yep! Who know? The “religious editor” did a couple of feature stories on a couple of churches that were growing so fast they were busting out at the seams. One of my regular readers and commenters is Seams Inspired; she would know what that means. The praise for these pastors was unbelievable.

They were young and enthusiastic guys who didn’t wear nice clothes any longer. As a matter of fact jeans and T-shirts, even with holes were the norm. Talk about a positive message all the time! Nobody read, or spoke, or confronted, or admonished, or taught anything negative to anybody. I guess the music was off the charts.

Heck, my doctor always wears that white coat when he sees me. I have never seen my doctor in holy jeans; wait a minute I didn’t mean sanctified jeans I mean jeans with whole in them. Even though my doctor is a nice guy, he is always professional, calm demeanor, and always wants to see how I am doing. Then there is no exciting music in his office, just stuff that is calms you down and is somewhat soothing. Like I said he wants to be blunt, to the point, and wants to pin point problems and such. Believe it or not he is so judgmental; he thinks that I should lose a bit of weight to ensure longevity and good health. Don’t I have free will? Don’t I have the right to choose what I think is the right medicine for me? Does some diploma or graduate degree on his wall give him the right to meddle with my decisions about my health?

These churches are growing in our area because the pastors are so friendly and sincere. They don’t meddle and they actually let the sheep, I mean the people determine what they need best. It must be so exciting! Can you imagine a church where no one speaks a discouraging word, they don’t confront you on any issue, they are always upbeat, and you are whoever you are or whoever you want to be?

Yes sir, I think I am going to have to look for another doctor. It might be fun to have a guy not poke and prod around so much, confront me on various health issues, dresses worse than me, and has fun music. Hey, maybe I could write a song about it:

Making your way in the world today
Takes everything you got
Taking a break from all your worries
Sure would help a lot
Wouldn’t you like to get away?
(Where everybody knows your name!)

Rats! Somebody already did. Looks like Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart beat me to it. Oh well.

So, what do you think? Should I change doctors? Should I choose my doctor the way many people choose churches these days? What do you say?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

If your doctor is anything like mine change him/her and quick.
Mine can't or won't be bothered to do the blood test I need every month.
To add insult to injury last year I had pre cancerous cells removed from my cervix, 6 months later had a check up and was told all was clear and to have the test repeated in May. I went to my surgery had the test the result came back as abnormal.....which could lead to pre cancerous cells again. I have to wait 6 months to see what happens. We have a public holiday until Wednesday but I shall be looking for a second opinion.


Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

First...thanks for the shout-out! :)

Second...It's perplexing. Do we go to church to be part of the 'club' or to learn how to die to self and live for Christ. Keep your doctor, Gregg. And read His book. He knows what's best. Happy Sunday! :)