Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Your Turn - Question Number One

Hi Gregg, Here's a question,

Does your wife share your knowledge of the Scriptures and don't mind people perhaps coming round for advice?



Irene has a level of scripture knowledge that is superior to the average person. The primary reason for this is that she is married to me. Unfortunately for her, she is often a "captive-audience." When I am "wrestling" through a text, I sometimes bounce it and my ideas off of her. She is often present when I am answering questions for other people and she "absorbs" the information I give in my answers. 

I am constantly teaching in all most every situation which enables her to hear a quite a bit of what I have learned. So you could say she has learned more by being around me than most people learn by their own personal study. She also studies scripture herself.

She rarely minds when people "come round for advice." Timing of course is everything. A few times it has been inconvenient. We have had our share of "2:00 AM" calls for help. Many times people call or come by at dinner time. However, Irene is a very patient woman and knows my love for teaching and has rarely interfered with my teaching regardless of the time, place, manner, or occasion.

However, I learned after awhile what to say to those "2:00 AM" phone calls. After I ascertained they were not true emergencies, I asked them if they had their problem before they went to bed. They usually answered yes. I then asked them if they would have the problem when they woke up? They usually said yes. I would say, well go back to bed then and I will help you tomorrow. I would then go back to bed.

Thanks for asking such great questions.


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Thanks Gregg for your reply. I am sorry I am all behind in commenting.

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