Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Post All About Nothing!

The Blank Page

What is the deal? I awoke on my own this morning rested and refreshed at 3:30 AM, Pacific Coast Time. I decided to get up and after a long hot shower I dressed and walked over to my study. I pushed the “on” button on the coffee pot, unlocked my office door, and sat down at my desk.

I turned up the radio for some old-fashion and/or traditional Christian music, checked my emails, Face Book, and my on-line banking program (for any fraudulent usage-I already knew the so called balance.) Was it Seinfeld who said the banks often encourage you to let your money work for you in their institution? Well, my has taken a vacation it seems.

Then I went to Microsoft Word 2010 and thought this would be a perfect time to write today’s post since I am behind. Normally I like to write my posts up to thirty (30) days in advance. Try as I might there is nothing there but a white page staring at me. What is worse, it’s blank, except for that blinking black line.

For all of the information I possess, all the sarcasm, wit, and all the useless trivia I have soaked up, I got nothin’! Hold on a minute, looks I discovered the problem. My coffee cup is empty again. Let me go fill it up. Be right back.

Back! Hmmm, that’s good coffee! Rats! That wasn’t the problem, still got nothin’! It’s 5:18 AM and the morning is rushing by. I can share this with you it is 55 degrees, with a slight north wind, the humidity is 72%, the dew point is 47%, visibility is ten (10) miles, and sunrise is at 5:20 AM this morning. Oh wow, there it is!

For now, I got nothin’!


jean@pilgrimscottage said...

I know what you mean, Gregg. Happens to just about all bloggers, it seems. Who knows what the Lord will give you today for the next post. As for banks, if it wasn't necessary at times, I'd forgo them completely. What is it they call such things? A necessary evil, I believe. May the Lord grace your day once again.

Scott said...

This is what facebook and twitter are for, the never ending narcissism of our day, right? I mean, that's what I use it for!

Josh Litton said...

Absolutely about nothing, yet about something!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Know the feeling Gregg, I had to get away after last week-end;s fiasco.
Enjoyed this post very much now on to your next one.