Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Just Want to Praise the Lord!

Heavenly Father, I thank thee…

There is a popular song from the early 1990’s collection of “7-11” music that begins with I Just Want to Praise the Lord.* It is a catchy little tune, shallow in theology, with a man centered theme. Yet as I was praying and this phrase entered my heart and I began this morning by praising God I wanted to take a short break from regular posts and I just want to humbly bow before our God and praise the Lord. I want to praise God for:

  • Our Buick being mechanically sound enough for a 250 round trip visit to Federal Way
  • For safety and protection while driving to Federal Way and back
  • For the opportunity of spending time with Mike and Esther Ripplinger
  • For being able to see Gary and Cheryl Stark
  • For being able to stop by the home and visit with Harold and Pam Turpin
  • For the thirty-five (35) books worth nearly $500.00 Harold generously added to my library
  • For the six (6) years we were privileged to spend in Federal Way ministering to the folks of the Mirror Lake Baptist Church
  • For sparing Mike and sharing him with us
  • For my wife who has stood by me and followed me these 39 years come June 18th
  • For choosing me freely for no other reason than His good pleasure before the foundation of the earth was laid to be foreknown by God, predestined by God, called by God, justified by God, and eventually to be glorified by God ALL THRU HIS SON, OUR SAVIOR, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST TO WHOM HONOR, GLORY, AND POWER BELONG FOREVER AND EVER! AMEN!
There are so many more things to praise God for, but these come to mind and have overwhelmed me this morning. My heart explodes with joy, thanksgiving, and praise to our magnificent, majestic, and merciful God!

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Leslie Wolf said...

It is wonderful to praise and thank the Lord. However, I think that you should also praise Him for living in the Pacific Northwest: I have lived in both Washington and Oregon, and I would say that having the opportunity to live in either state, especially if you are near the coast, is a tremendous blessing deserving of much thanks!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wonderful post Gregg I hope you have a great anniversary.


Trisha said...

To God be the glory, Gregg! How wonderful it is that we can be instruments of His praise. And an early Happy Anniversary!!

Persis said...

God is so good and worthy of praise for all He has done and for who He is!

Derrick Boyd said...


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