Friday, January 27, 2012

Top Ten Television "Truths?" - Truth # 10

 "Cat heaven is a wonderful place, 
but you don't get there if you are euthanized."

--Angela Martin
The Office, Season 4, Episode 1
(Angela is holding a photo of herself and Sprinkles prior to Dwight euthanizing her)

Disclaimer:  This is not an endorsement of this series. I am simply intrigued at times with the profundity, power, or playfulness of humanistic philosophy. This was just "profound" and "humorous" enough to take a place on my "irreverent" Friday's.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I well remember when my cat Tabitha had to leave me. I was a coward, couldn't stay in the room but when in afterwards to say my goodbyes. I did feel guilty about not being with her.


Arlee Bird said...

I've never had the pleasure of watching that show and I never planned to until you showed me that they deal with such deep theological issues. Now I'll think about it--no, I guess I still won't be watching it.

This post sounds like the start of a fun series. I'll be interested to see the next quotes.

Wrote By Rote

Petra said...

Don't watch teevee but this sounds just too interesting. Will be back for more.

JD Curtis said...

I am originally from the town where The Office takes place and have been to all of the sites in the show's opening credits :-)