Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Facts

In conjunction with Seams Inspired's Blogfest, I give you my Monday Morning Facts, for what shall we say? For your enjoyment, entertainment, encouragement, curiosity, concern, comprehension, snoopiness, wonder, amusement, to tickle your funny bone, and or your inquisitivness!

Fact:  I was born in Columbiana County, Salem, Ohio.

Salem was named for the Jewish word Shalom or Peace

Salem was founded by a Pennsylvanian potter, John Straughan (Strawn) and a New Jersey clockmaker, Zadok Street, in 1806.

Active in the abolitionist movement of the early- to mid-19th century, Salem acted as a hub for the American Underground Railroad, with several homes serving as “stations.” Salem retained many of these homes, but none are open to the public at present.

In April 1850, Salem hosted the first Women's Rights Convention in Ohio, the second such convention in the United States. J. Elizabeth Jones delivered an address, and men were refused attendance for the two-day proceedings.

While radio DJ Alan Freed was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, he grew up in Salem. While working at a radio station in Cleveland, he coined the phrase "Rock & Roll."

Fact:  I am leading the Pastor's Fellowship Breakfast this coming Wednesday. For the first time in a very long time, I have not narrowed down nor nailed down what to say.

Fact:  I was extremely glad Laundau Eugene Murphy, Jr. won first place on America's Got Talent Wednesday night. I have not watched AGT before and probably won't again since it takes some 17 or 18 weeks of time. I was glad to have followed this season for a diversion and had hoped Murphy would win from his first audition.

Fact:  I am not happy that Burn Notice is on "summer hiatus." I have followed this show for all of its 5 seasons. I haven't liked a show like this since, well, I guess, since James Garner's Rockford Files or Law and Order with Jerry Orbach.

Fact:  I roasted a Cornish game hen Tuesday night that was exquisite!  Soaked it in a homemade marinade for a couple of hours and then roasted for 1 hour. Meat was tender, juicy, and fell off the bone, you know the little teeny tiny bones Cornish Hens have.

Fact:  I am having terrible trouble with Chrome today. It has crashed and apparently left a window up or open in the background somewhere. I have tried rebooting, shutting down, CTRL W, resetting the internet modem and still my chrome has "crashed."  I finally removed Chrome. Hope it did not cause you problems as you tried to access my blog.

Fact:  Today (Friday) is Shopping Day and Cheap Date Night.

First, Irene and I will do the week's grocery shopping around noon at Winco, Grocery Outlet, Fred Meyers, and Walgreens.

Then around 5:00 to 6:00 pm we wil pickup two movies from Red Box for $2.48 and then on the way home we will grab a "Hot and Ready" $5.40 Pepparoni Pizza from Little Caesars.

We will kick back in our Lazy Boy recliners for dinner and a movie. This is the high-life of a couple of old geezers in southwest Washington these days!


Petra said...

Can't beat a Hot-N-Ready and a good movie now, can ya, except maybe if you have a roasted Cornish game hen falling off its teeny bones. Great list!

Darlene said...

Interesting facts about Salem, kinda in my neck of the woods, but I've never been there. That cornish hen looks delicious. Friday sounds like a great date night!

Arlee Bird said...

That was a load of facts. Even though I'm from Ohio and have been in Ohio a lot, Salem is not a place that I am familiar with. After looking on the map I can see that I've been there, but it must have only been in passing and I wasn't paying much attention.
I suspect some of the recent problems with the malware warnings on many blogs are somehow related to glitches in Chrome. This platform does speed things up, but sometimes there are some weird little things I've encountered.

I agree with the winner of AGT. I didn't follow the show from the beginning--to much time investment--but I did watch the last several weeks of finals (still to much time investment).

Tossing It Out

Michael Wright said...

Those hot-n-readys are pretty good. Hope you enjoyed your evening.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I'm still surprised at your cooking skills, care for a holiday in England?........

Have a good day.

Gregg said...

Petra - No, it is hard to beat a good hot and ready pizza! It is our once a week splurge.

Darlene - Salem isn't a town you to to on purpose I guess. It is small, about 12,000, not many people from Ohio know about it. Cornish hen was so good! I will repeat that recipe again. Date night is fun. A good pizza, good movie (if we are lucky) and the comfort of our own home - beats going out and spending a fortune.

Lee - Not a lot of people, including Ohioans know about Salem. Just a little town tucked away near the PA border. I am interested to know it played apart in history.

I deleted chrome finally and downloaded firefox. I have "read" that it is the best browser. A friend of mine when he discovered I was still using IE downloaded Chrome for me and said it was faster. Since I downloaded Firefox, I have found it actually to be faster for me than Chrome and doesn't seem to have any issues.

I know about the time that it takes to follow AGT. I followed it either by watching it on its night if I could, or if we were busy I watched it on and caught up. We watched one season of American Idol once and that was enough, this is enough AFT for me. Still, as we have both commented I am glad Murphy won.

Michael - we did enjoy our Friday evening. Pizza was good and other than a couple of ugly swear words the movie was good. Thanks!

Yvonne - now that I am retired, I have time to play around with recipes. I actually love to cook. Yes, thought you would never ask :) (lol); I will cook 3 times a day for you and yours for a week if Irene and I could crash at your place while you show us around London and the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Although I haven't tried an English dish yet.

Kansas Bob said...

I was glad to see Eugene win it too - he had both the voice and the story.

I wasn't too happy with the Burn Notice season finale but look forward to the new season whenever that is.

The new version (14) of Chrome seems to be pretty stable. I wonder which version you had. Sometimes one of the extensions I installed would give me trouble. Hope things work out for you.

Persis said...

Great facts, Gregg.

I haven't tried Chrome yet because if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Meaning the less I have to mess with my machine the better.

Trisha said...

The cornish game hen looks great! We've love making those for Thanksgiving dinners.

I think your "cheap" date night sounds great!

T.O. Geezer aka ~Ron said...

I use Chrome for some blog related stuff but Mozilla Firefox is my default browser. I also use Mozilla Thunderbird Email Box so I can read my 3 email accounts all in one place. It works great with Firefox.

As far as I'm concerned Firefox is the best browser available. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Gregg said...

K. B. - I liked Murphy's story and seeming humility. I hope this doesn't change him in a "jerk."

I agree, I thought the summer finale was a little lame for Burn Notice.

I don't know what version of Chrome I had, but each time I reloaded it (3) after I deleted it I still had problems, so I went with firefox and although this is only the 3 or 4th day with it I am very happy. FF seems to be very fast, even faster than Chrome.

Persis - I agree 100% This did break on me, I couldn't believe the trouble I had. The only thing you might think about is to what extent you use your computer, the reason people have gone to chrome or firefox is internet explorer has security holes. I don't know much about it but these seem to be safer (when they work)

Trisha - The Hen was great and they do make great holiday dinners. Thanks, cheap date night is fun, delicious, and cheap!

O. G. - so far so good, will have to look into that mailbox deal.

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Loved the facts about your hometown. What an interesting piece of history from there! :)

Hot-N-Ready's are a sleepover staple in our house. It's the cheapest, easiest way to feed a group of kids.

Praying your words flow for your speech tomorrow.

Thanks for linking up! Please forgive my tardiness. I'm a terrible hostess this week. Life got in the way of blog hopping. Yikes! Happy Tuesday! ☺