Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday's Quote: Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Martyn Lloyd-Jones
       David Martyn Lloyd-Jones was a Welsh Protestant minister and preacher who was influential in the Reformed wing of the British evangelical movement in the 20th century. For almost 30 years, he was the minister of Westminster Chapel in London.
       Lloyd-Jones was strongly opposed to the liberal theology that had become a part of many Christian denominations, regarding it as aberrant. He disagreed with the broad church approach and encouraged evangelical Christians (particularly Anglicans) to leave their existing denominations, taking the view that true Christian fellowship was only possible amongst those who shared common convictions regarding the nature of the faith. 

"The most vital question to ask about all who claim to be Christian is this: Have they a soul thirst for God? Do they long for this? Is there something about them that tells you that they are always waiting for His next manifestation of Himself? Is their life centred on Him? Can they say with Paul that they forget everything in the past? Do they press forward more and more that they might know Him and that the knowledge might increase, until eventually beyond death and the grave they may bask eternally in 'the sunshine of His face?' That I might know him!"


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Thought provoking post Gregg.
Hope your part of the US is safe from the bad weather.
Thinking of you all.

Trisha said...

Yes, "that I might know Him!" Lloyd-Jones's Spiritual Depression is a book I go back to often. Right now I'm reading Pink's Practical Christianity, and this quote reminds me so much of what he says throughout his book.