Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Morning Facts

Fact:  I wept when I read the news that John Stott died this past Wednesday. What a wonderful scholar, pastor, teacher, author, husband, and father. He was truly a gift to the church. We shall miss him. Here is a nice clip that does some justice to his life:

The Rev. John Stott, a renowned and prolific author credited with shaping 20th-century evangelical Christianity, died Wednesday (July 27) in England at age 90.

Fact:  We had a great time visiting with my friend Josh Litton and the Creekside Baptist Church of Scapoose, OR yesterday. Josh is leaving Creekside at the end of the month and moving to Chicago to eventually plant a church in the Windy City. Please pray for Josh and Erin as they wrap their ministry at Creekside and finish preparations to move. Also, if you haven't checked Josh's blog out please do so and keep in touch with him as God uses him to plant this new church; Josh Litton Blog. Sorry for the picture it was the only one I could find on the internet. The building is the white structure in the center.

Fact:  Here is a fun fact, I had seven facts posted with detail and pictures and hit a key and it all disappeared and now I have to start over. No, I don't know what key it was, if I did I would rip it off this keyboard.

Fact:  After some great fellowship and worship Irene and continued into Portland where we hooked up with daughters Shannon and Sonja and our granddaughters Madilynn and Bryttany. We had a great lunch and lots of fun. It was a great Sunday afternoon. Left to right: Madilynn, Bryttany, and Sonja. Where can you find such beautiful grandchildren and daughter? Right here in the Portland-Vancouver Metro Area that's where!

Fact:  I finished Brian Hedge's Christ Formed in You this week end. This is a great book on Christian sanctification. Brian is the pastor of Fulkerson Park Baptist Church, Niles, MI and has truly "hit a home run." This is a must read for every believer. I will be reviewing this book in mid-August but in the meantime pick up a copy of this book and read it very slowly and meditate on it. Donald Whitney wrote in the forward of the book:

"Brian Hedges understands that the pursuit of "the holiness without which no one will see the Lord" (Hebrews 12:14) requires a clear understanding of the Gospel. For it is in the Gospel that we see Christ in His glory most clearly. And the better we understand and feast our souls on the Gospel of Christ, the more intimate with and like Jesus we become." 

Fact:  Apparently my Pronto M51 electric wheelchair had sat around for a couple of years collecting dust and whatnot. It was also rode hard and put away wet! It was filthy. So, I made a deal with Irene that if she would clean it up for me I would do the dishes for a month. Why? Irene is a master cleaner! She has various sizes of toothbrushes for those hard to get areas, she has a "witch's brew" cleaning concoction she got from Heloise and various sources. She made this thing shine like showroom condition.

I am wondering how many dishes can two people dirty? Yikes! I am use to cooking breakfast every morning and doing the morning dishes every day. Holy cow, how can two people dirty so many dishes for lunch and dinner? No, we don't have an automatic dishwasher, we have me. I have to be bribed, prepped, tricked, or promised peanut-butter cookies or strips of bacon to do dishes. Oh well, maybe it will be a fast month.

Fact:  I was very disappointed when I received the email this past week from NavPress that they were dropping their "blogger review program" immediately. I loved to get books from NavPress by Jerry Bridges. I still can, now I have to pay for them. Bridges is my second favorite author. Anything by Bridges is worth reading and will be a real blessing to you.

Fact:  Friday afternoon the batteries for my Pronto M51 "scooter" were delivered by UPS. Irene helped me switch out the old and put in the new. We charged them all night. Saturday after breakfast and dishes I took my first "walk" with my wife in 4 years. I fired that ole scooter up and we "walked" together (with Fi Fi) for a half a mile out and then half a mile back. It was fantastic to be mobile. I can't wait to get a hitch and a carrier to really be mobile.
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Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

FACT - Great Monday Facts post, Gregg!

FACT - CTRL Z is my favorite editing tool when I accidentally delete something. Sometimes it will undo whatever I deleted.

FACT - I can feel the joy you have being able to 'walk' with Irene and Fi Fi. I'm so happy for you! ☺

FACT - Thanks for linking up with Monday Facts. Happy Monday! ☺

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Have fun being mobile Gregg, especially if the weather is good.

Have a good day.

Kansas Bob said...

Enjoyed the facts Gregg. You might want to try - they have a book review program. I think that Thomas Nelson supports the program.

Petra said...

I rejoice with you over your being able to take walks with your wife and Fi Fi. Great list of facts, Gregg! I've got just one more that might cheer you. Fact, dirty dishes are a blessing. Really, they are. ;-)


IanH said...

Glad that you are now mobile! New batteries? Is that vehicle equipped with a "wheely bar"?

Josh Litton said...

Thanks for the mention, Gregg. Glad to see you guys on Sunday.

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