Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Use the Reproofs of Friends and Enemies

There are times when a friend or an enemy will issue a reproof or rebuke against you. Even if these reproofs or rebukes are not true or warranted and even if you honestly feel you did not deserve them, can they be of any benefit? The answer is yes! These friendly or not so friendly reproofs and rebukes can be used of God in order to:

  • ·         Make you more aware of and affronted by sin 

  • ·         Make you more jealous over your relationship and walk with God 

  • ·         Enhance your fellowship with God 

  • ·         Be driven to keep both your heart and life unblameable before God 

  • ·         Force you to reflect and mediate on your lack of spirituality 

  • ·         Abhor the sin that continues to reside in your unredeemed flesh 

  • ·         Look humbly upon yourself as unworthy of grace, yet as an abundant recipient 

  • ·         Know that apart from Christ you are vile, little, mean, and less than nothing 

  • ·         Pray properly for the use of grace to be rightly appropriated in your life.

(Based upon a prayer entitled “Reproofs” in The Valley of Vision, p. 82)

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Toyin O. said...

Amen, so true!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I agree this is all so very true,

Take care.

Anonymous said...

More often than not it's easier to dish it out rather than it is to take it. But looking back I would have to say that I've learned more being on the receiving end of a rebuke. It's just that it usually took some time to sink in to my thick scull.

Petra said...

I was totally made aware of these truths again today, and totally needed this! Thank you!!

Keena said...

I pray that I maintain a teachable spirit to learn from it.....