Thursday, November 9, 2017

Why Read the Bible Regularly?

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As I was meditating on my assigned reading today, a thought happened to strike me. As I forced my tired eyes open and tried to "clear" my foggy brain, I mused about the effort it took to keep my "habit" of daily reading the bible.

The reason dawned on me that the reason I do my best to keep my appointment with God regularly, was so that God through His Word can do a deep work in my soul for His glory and my good. I actually am hoping with a zealous desire that God will do at least four (4) things in my life as I regularly read, study, and meditate in His Word. These four (4) works are:

  • that God wold continue to free me from habitual sin, or what Paul called "besetting sins."
  • that God would heal wounds from my past
  • that God would reveal His will for my life
  • that God would instruct me in the ways of righteous living
Allow me to encourage you to establish these same goals from your bible reading. Please, read the bible regularly!

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