Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Post-Thanksgiving Friday!

I hope all my family and friends had a great Thanksgiving Day with all of your family and friends. Mine was fantastic!

Image result for turkey dinner with all the trimmingsWe had dinner at my second oldest daughter's new home in Vancouver, WA (Sonja A. Abramson) She bought a beautiful home just two (2) miles from us a couple of months ago. She decorated it for Christmas beautifully.

We had the traditional Thanksgiving meal:

  • delicious brine soaked Butterball turkey
  • home made mashed potatoes
  • brown gravy
  • Stove-top Stuffing
  • dinner rolls
  • pumpkin pie with whipped cream
  • cinnamon flavored hot apple cider
  • Champagne
Even though I have given up on the NFL this year, I did cave and watch my traditional Dallas Cowboys football game. It would have been nice had they showed up with the idea of, oh I don't know, actually trying to win the game. But oh well.

Happy, Happy, Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

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nashvillecats2 said...

Pleased all went weel for your Thanksgiving Gregg.
Next stop Christmas.