Friday, February 3, 2017

God Hath Received My Friend Into Glory!

A dear friend was received into the presence of God on Tuesday evening. I learned of his transition into glory on Wednesday afternoon. I know the remaining family is mourning his departure and will for quite some time I am sure. I too mourn his loss but I am excited and filled with joy. 

First of all, he is released from the painful, sometimes humiliating, and frustrating limitations of his human body and mind as they both crumbled around him. He is free from all suffering, pain, and limitation.

Second, I don't mourn as those who do not know Jesus Christ. I have a hope, an eternal hope given by God through the Lord Jesus Christ that one day I will see my friend again. His physical death is not the end. He has entered into the reward of God's grace through Christ and into the glories of the everlasting life promised in Scripture.

Many will comment that God "took" him. To quote Al Borland, "I don't think so Tim." God did not take him. God received him.

You see, God prior to ever creating this earth, and all that is on it, including my friend, has already established the moment and the means of death of every human being ever to be conceived. My friend's day of departure was already determined from eternity past. God did not have to take him. God, at the appointed time, and not a second too early nor a second too late, received him into his eternal presence and eternal reward.

I mourn our loss Lee. I will miss you for awhile. But thanks be unto the living God you are now welcomed and received into the glory that you preached about for some fifty-four years.

It is almost imbecilic to say this, but I am only human, so... - enjoy heaven my friend. I will see you soon.


nashvillecats2 said...

I'm sure he will be sadly miseed Gregg. I send my condolances to his family and other friends besides yourself.


KC Bob said...

Condolences for your loss Gregg.