Thursday, February 2, 2017

...and we're back!

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I've been gone for quite a while
so, please don't touch that dial,
I intend on ramping up again,
this blog is now on the mend!

I have missed all the give and take,
I am ready to go for goodness sake,
I hope that you will stop by each day,
and see what this blog has had to say.

This blog is dedicated to God's glory,
you all know I love to tell the story,
of our awesome and sovereign Lord,
and to teach His marvelous Word.

Things that did hinder once before
have gone away and are no more.
I may not post every single day,
I will do my best to find a way!

So, Lord willing see you on the morrow
for now it's time to beg, steal, or borrow
wise words of wisdom of gold galore,
even I don't know what is now in store!

1 comment:

nashvillecats2 said...

WELCOME BACK GREGG. hope all goes well for you.