Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Waters Turned to Blood

I had to drive in to Vancouver today and as I drove south on I-5, we drove along the Columbia River. We also crossed the Cowlitz River, the Kalama River, and within sight of the Cowee River. I then thought of the Puget Sound which runs from near Bellingham to Olympia. These are extremely beautiful bodies of water and I truly appreciate God's handiwork in their creation. What made me think of them? I was in Revelation 16 today for my devotion and I read where God commanded an angel to tip his bowl and empty God's wrath on the sea and the rivers and springs. When the angel did so the bodies of water were turned to coagulated blood. I cannot imagine the great Columbia River or the Puget Sound or the Cowlitz as coagulated blood with every living water creature dead. How much does God hate sin and will judge sin? The waters will be turned to blood.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this Gregg, How true about God hating sin.