Friday, December 12, 2014

Say, I Believe In Christ

Say, I Believe In Christ
by Gregg Metcalf
December 10, 2014

This version was written in response to the song being circulated on Face Book and You Tube called Say I Believe In Christmas.

I believe in Christ…I believe He’s true
I believe in the Savior…sent for the chosen few
If you…believe in Jesus…join me in this song
Keep living for him…be obedient all year long

If…you don’t see Merry Christmas in a window
No! You don’t go past that store (don’t go by)
If you don’t see Merry Christmas in the window
Yes! You walk right in their front door
Oh…it’s all about the gospel…the meaning of His birth
It’s the one and only reason we worship in every season
Sharing the good news of Jesus to everyone on earth

If you don’t hear Merry Christmas…don’t let it get to you
When you walking through their store
Find the nearest employee and forget about you
Share with them what they haven’t heard before
Words are chosen every year to hide the truth
Of the reason for this time of year
They may not like our song and profit is not wrong
Let them make some dough that is all they know
Unless you stand out from the crowd and share the gospel loud
Christmas is just man-made but what a great holiday you know

What would they be missing? Now let’s see
If you don’t share the truth of the Nativity…
No forgiveness of sins or joy of salvation
No freedom from sin or condemnation

No joy deep down in their soul
No knowledge of being made whole
No promise of grace for livin
No celebrating all God has givin
No help to fight the battle of sin
No one to who calls them his friend
No promise of reward and blessing
No confidence just a life of guessing
And one more thing there wouldn’t be
No-ooo recognition of Calvary------

If…you…don’t see Merry Christmas in the window
Yes! Run right straight into that store
If you don’t see Merry Christmas in the window
Yes! You walk in by their front door

If you don’t believe the reasons to share the gospel…you’re not ok with me
Please don’t blame a blind mind for walking into a wall clumsily
After all we celebrate Christ and His resurrected life all year ‘round
Christian come out from the shallow end and stand your ground

Christmas is just a man-made holiday!

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Anonymous said...

WOW Gregg that was wonderful, thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your week-end.