Monday, November 3, 2014

What Does the Seven Churches Say to Genuine Believers (Part 1)

My devotions for the last quarter of the year will take me through The Revelation of Jesus Christ. As I meditated on chapters 2 and 3 it dawned on me that I should review each of these churches that Jesus Christ had John write to and see what they said to me and to the North Kelso Baptist Church.

You will notice the first thing I did was to make a list of the condemnations that Christ spoke against the various churches. I wanted to make sure I knew what Christ had against them specifically. My purpose was to take inventory of my life and of the NKBC in order to determine if I or she were guilty of any of these charges. So today, I will list the charges or the condemnations. 

Then in each succeeding day, Lord willing, I will address those charges or condemnations from a practical standpoint. So here are the things that Christ had against these churches. By the way they are in order, including the exclusion of the two churches Christ did not have any negative comments or condemnations.

The Condemnations

  1. Ephesus left her first love - she experienced a cooling of the heart toward God

  1. Pergamos harbored those who held the doctrines of Balaam

  1. Caused some to eat meat dedicated/offered to idols
  2. Caused some to commit sexual immorality

  1. Pergamos harbored those who held the doctrines of the Nicolaitians
  2. Thyatira allowed an evil woman to teach

  1. She caused some to eat meat dedicated/offered to idols
  2. She caused some to commit sexual immorality

  1. Sardis was  actually spiritually dead when she thought herself to be alive
  2. Laodicea was lukewarm, neither rejecting God nor loving God

You'll notice that both the church at Smyrna and at Philadelphia did not have any condemnation. We will examine those churches in the future since they are the type of church that each church should strive to be like.

Lord willing, tomorrow we will examine "What Causes A Believer to Abandon their first love?"

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